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  9:30 AM  Mandarin Worship Service
  9:30 AM  Children Sunday School
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11:00 AM  Spirit Kidz Worship
11:00 AM  English Sunday School
11:00 AM  Mandarin Sunday School

Dear Friends,

Greetings and peace be to you from God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen!

“He’s risen!”

“He’s risen Indeed, alleluia!”

This is a slogan we usually say on Easter Sunday as well as the Sundays after the celebrated event. I think Christians are not merely taking Easter as one of the events in the church Calendar. No! Instead, we believe that Easter season is a warm reminder for us to focus on Him whom we address as the Lord and Savior and we proclaim that He has risen from the dead. The scripture said that His suffering is for our sin and His resurrection is for our righteousness. (Romans 4:25) Now, we are living under his wonderful promise and grace.

If you asked me how we are able to live joyfully, I will tell you that the answer and secret is behind the cross: We are saved! Because of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, we are saved! We are saved from the wrath of God and we are now in the hands of God who cares for us with love.

Wow, it sounds like I am preaching to you again. Yet I encourage you to come to share the joy with us. I cannot give you this joy even though many people think this church is friendly and you will find many laughing and joyful people among us, yet the true joy is in Christ, that’s why I want to share this wonderful joy with you. I hope that you can come and worship with us. Let me know when you are here next time. I like to shake hands with you and I want to introduce you to a lot of friends from this church. Most of all, I pray that you will find Jesus as your friend, your savior and the guide of your life. My prayer will be with you!

Together we serve!

Pastor Lau (Senior Pastor)

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